Do You Want To:
  • ​Strengthen your back, chest, shoulders and arms and love the way they look?
  • ​Improve your Pull Ups and achieve that first full one?
  • ​Master the Push Up and have perfect form from your toes?
  • ​Avoid and prevent neck, shoulder, wrist, elbow and back aches and pains!?
Then You Need To Include This 4-Step Burner System In Your Upper Body Training!
There are often many goals we have for our upper body workouts and we often want to accomplish them all at once...all while of course avoiding injury!

We want to "tone those trouble zones" aka get rid of the "bra fat" or "bat wings."

We want to achieve that first full pull up, or maybe that 15th.

We want to do a perfect full push up from our toes. 

Or maybe we simply want to get rid of the aches and pains that have started adding up from sitting all day hunched at our computer or driving in our car!

My name is Cori Lefkowith, owner of Redefining Strength and I want to help you accomplish all of your upper body training goals...and more than one at a time...since let's face it...we don't like waiting!

With my 4-step burner system you can avoid injury as you train hard to build a strong back, chest, arms and shoulders!

But's important to understand how training HARD can backfire and hold you back from your goals and why establishing that mind-body connection is so key. And why INJURY isn't always a sign of weakness...
Stop Pushing Through The Aches And Pains - These Are SIGNALS!
Want to prevent injury? Address imbalances and compensations!
Ever train hard and feel a little twinge in your shoulder that you simply shake off?

Or your neck feels stiff the next day after pull ups or presses?

Ever ignore those aches and just figure it comes with training hard and that you've got to push through?

But what if ignoring these signals instead of addressing them is what leads to injury and us ending up having to take time off?!

What if by addressing these issues BEFORE they become true injuries, you could keep being able to train hard and work toward your goals?
Sounds like the better option, right?

But how do you do that?

How can you continue training hard while addressing those little twinges, little aches, we like to ignore and just try to push through until it's too late?

By being aware of our daily posture and how it can ALTER our recruitment patterns!

What this means is including PREHAB as part of our warm up routine!

First off, it is about being CONSCIOUS of what is working during our workouts instead of just pushing through the pain.

Second, it is about including in our warm up exercises that reverse the constant flexion we sit in all day, every day at our desks to help make sure we are mobile and the correct muscles are ready to work.

I mean think about sit hunched over all day then go try to press overhead which requires your spine to be able to be mobile enough to extend properly.

Well...for many it doesn't. 

So to press overhead, their body takes the path of least resistance and it finds the mobility it needs from somewhere else...aka our shoulders or our lower back. 

Ever feel your lower back during overhead presses? This may be why!

Ever wonder why your neck hurts? This may be why!

Ever wonder why your shoulders feel more strain then they should and you've had rotator cuff issues in the past? This may be why!

Our body finds a way to complete the movement we ask it to do EVEN IF IT SHOULDN'T!

This is what leads to overload of smaller muscles and compensations that create imbalances and therefore INJURY.

By simply being aware of the effect our daily posture may have on our mobility and even the way we recruit muscles to perform movements, we can then include moves to counteract these effects in our warm ups so we go into our workouts ready to train hard.

We can use our warm ups, the foam rolling, stretching and activation moves, to correct the dysfunctional patterns we've started creating due to our desk jobs and long commutes.

And then during our workouts we need to be AWARE of what is working and what SHOULD be working to modify moves to fit our needs. If a muscle is trying to compensate or we can't perform a move correctly, it's time to REGRESS TO PROGRESS!

This will allow us to train hard to achieve the lean, strong upper body we want!

BUT it's harder than we think sometimes to get the right muscles working. It's why establishing that mind-body connection is so key!

What Is The Mind-Body Connection And Why Does It Matter?
Improving your mind-body connection can not only help you avoid injury, but it can actually improve muscle hypertrophy aka building lean muscle!

This is partly because it allows you to use a muscle more effectively and efficiently and partly because it is linked with one of 3 drivers of muscle growth - metabolic stress.
So what is the mind-body connection?

Basically it is our ability to FEEL a muscle working and properly engage it when it needs to work.

Sitting where you are right now reading this, think about tensing your abs hard.

Your ability to tense that muscle HARD and quickly is a demonstration of the mind-body connection.

That may "seem" easy...

The problem is, there are a number of muscles we don't have as easy a time recruiting, especially as they have to work together with other muscles during a compound movement.

It's why you may only ever feel your biceps during back exercises.

Or even why, no matter how much you try to work on your back strength, you can't achieve that first full pull up.

Sometimes we need to WORK on our mind-body connection because our daily rounded-shoulder, hunched posture has disrupted that natural communication and proper recruitment patterns.

This can be why no matter how much you do moves to strengthen a muscle, you never fully feel like you are getting that muscle stronger.

However, if we can re-establish that mind-body connection through activation moves, we can not only avoid injury, but make sure those muscles are getting worked as they should.

We can then use a combination of heavier lifts to create muscle tissue damage AND higher volume, lower rep moves that create metabolic stress, aka that pump or BURN, to build the lean muscle we want!

But we need to improve our mind-body connection FIRST!

If we don't, we will continue to compensate, which will lead to injury because smaller muscles will try to take over to carry the load!

It is important we realize this overuse cycle because often when we DO get injured we waste a lot of time trying to strengthen a muscle that is already overworked!
STOP Always Blaming The Injured Muscle For The Injury!
If a muscle gets injured, it doesn't always mean that muscle was weak.

Actually, all too often it just means that muscle became OVERLOADED! 

Yet all too often when something gets injured, we "rehab" it by working it more!

But we have to recognize that often the INJURY is actually a symptom.
A symptom of an improper recruitment pattern. One that really has another culprit that needs to be addressed.

For instance, if your chest is tight and the muscles of your back aren't firing as they should be, you may end up with a rotator cuff injury because those smaller muscles become overworked.

So while you may need to also strengthen your rotator cuff, you can't only do that or you may just end up overloading those muscles again!

Instead you also need to relax your chest muscles with foam rolling and stretching and then activate the muscles of your back. This can help you prevent future overload of those smaller muscles!

That is why it is so important that we pay attention to our DAILY POSTURE and the movement distortions it creates.

It's why our workouts need to include a 4 part process that keeps in rehab as PREHAB.

It's why we can't just jump to the strength training portion of our workouts because it is the "important stuff."

If you want to train hard, you've got to include foam rolling, stretching and activation BEFORE your strengthening series!

This way you can make sure the correct muscles are working and carrying the load they should be carrying!
The 4-Step Burner System:
Foam Rolling, Stretching, Activation And Then Strengthening!
Whether you're coming back from injury and want to rebuild, your working to achieve that first full pull up or push up or you simply want to build a lean, strong upper body you want to show off in a tank top, it is ESSENTIAL you follow this 4 part process.

It is the best way to help keep your body injury-free as you train hard. And it can help you get BETTER results from your lifting because you'll know the correct muscles are actually being worked.

I know it can be hard to commit a few minutes of your precision time in the gym to seemingly "less important" movements...movements that don't make you sweat or grimace or groan from exhaustion, but not committing those few minutes each session may be why you AREN'T seeing the results you'd hoped for!
A lack of scapular mobility and back activation, may be why you haven't achieved that first full pull up no matter how often you train your back or use those bands for assisted pull ups.

So while these moves may not make you sweat or seem hard, they may just be the exercises missing from your program hindering you from getting the results you've been looking for!

While it may be uncomfortable and not make you sweat, your workouts should start with a quick Foam Rolling Series! 

So step 1? Foam rolling!

Why is foam rolling important?

Because it relaxes muscles that may be tight and overactive to help improve your flexibility, joint mobility AND then allow you to activate those muscles that SHOULD be working.

Think about that hunched posture you spend so much time in. That posture becomes NORMAL and NATURAL for our body and muscles become tight and shortened in response. They begin to see this posture as their resting state.

But this hunched posture shouldn't be "normal."

Therefore to reverse the effects of sitting, we need to relax those tight muscles, starting with foam rolling.

Now you may be thinking, "But if I relax muscles, won't that hurt my workouts?"

NOPE! Because you are relaxing muscles that are OVERACTIVE.

And, unlike static stretching, foam rolling has been shown NOT to negatively impact your power output. 

When combined with a proper dynamic stretching routine to even IMPROVE your flexibility and mobility to improve your workouts!

But foam rolling is just the first step to returning muscles to their proper length-tension relationships so they can function effectively and efficiently.
Stretching is step 2 and this is where you not only begin to warm up your body, but continue to improve your mobility and flexibility. 

With dynamic stretching, you'll begin to warm up your body and get your blood pumping.

Ever feel like after the first round or two of your workouts you can lift more because you've warmed up?

Well stop wasting a round or two warming up!

Include some stretches BEFORE so you're ready to go from the first rep!

When you use stretching prior to your workouts, make sure these are active or dynamic stretches as static stretching has been shown to reduce power output.
Stretching is not only important because it will begin to get your blood pumping and prepped for harder work but it will also help you strengthen through a full range of motion.

Stretching helps by mobilizing your joints and lengthening shortened, tight muscles so you can then get the correct muscles activated and working!


With activation you are not only focusing on establishing that mind-body connection with underactive muscles, but you are even continuing to stretch and relax overactive muscles through a process called reciprocal inhibition. 

By activating the muscles of your upper back while focusing on squeezing your shoulder blades together, say during a scapular band fly, you will also stretch out and open up your chest.

HOWEVER, if you do this move and don't focus on drawing your shoulder blades together, and instead let your shoulder shrug and arms do all of the work, you will only perpetuate your current movement distortions, letting overactive muscles again take over and compensate. 

You will NOT activate the muscles of your back nor improve your scapular mobility!

It is why it is key we find isolated movements, using little to no resistance, where we can really FEEL the correct muscles working to use as activation moves. 

And then you want to include more reps to create that pump or "burn" so you can feel them working before you go into strengthening.

My focus on activation has helped my clients, and myself, avoid aches and pains, achieve that 1st, or even 15th!, full pull up, lift more and build strong, sexy upper bodies!
These activation moves are so often the MISSING PART of our training program. 

But they can be the reason often our program succeeds or fails even though they seem simple, and often silly.

Don't get caught up in trying to go heavier when doing activation moves. Focus on engaging harder!

And then after you've activated, after you feel those muscles starting to wake up, you want to start your Strength Training!

Even if you aren't planning to lift that day, whether you want to increase your training frequency, prevent injury or simply ease back into a routine, you can still do a prehab or recovery workout using those first three parts. 

Your body will thank you for it after all those hours hunched over your computer or commuting in a car!
But if you are lifting, this is where you want to INTEGRATE. 

What does integrate mean?

Muscles don't really function in isolation when we move in every day life. 

And while isolation moves can, and should, be included in our programs as activation moves or even to burnout or target specific "problem areas," these moves alone won't get us the results we are looking for.

We need to also include compound and hybrid moves. Moves that aren't only high repetition with lighter loads, but even done for lower reps with heavier loads.

This can help us work our muscles in a variety of ways to meet our specific needs and goals and get the best and FASTEST results possible. 

By using compound and hybrid moves, we can work more muscles at once to not only build upper body stretch, but also burn more calories in less time. 

This is key especially if you want to get strong lean arms and a sexy back!

The combination too of lighter loads for more reps and heavier loads for fewer reps, can help us build strength, muscular endurance and create muscle hypertrophy aka grow that sexy muscle!

So make sure when you design your workout, you're picking moves that meet YOUR NEEDS!

Not sure how to start designing a workout using this 4-Part Burner System? 

My Arm Burners can help!
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What's Included In The Arm Burner Program?
Your Guide To An Upper Body Training Program That Meets YOUR Needs!
We've all heard that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to training routines. We all have different goals and are starting at different places.

That is why it is key we know how to train to meet our specific needs!
And that is why I created the Arm Burner Program!

I wanted  to create a program that gave you over 700 workout options to meet your specific needs while also explaining the WHAT, WHY and HOW behind proper upper body training.

I didn't want just another 6 week program that after you were done you were wondering "What's next?" 

I wanted you to have something that allowed you to adjust your programming as your goals changed and you progressed. 

I wanted to provide a program that would help you avoid injury, reach goals like that first full pull up or push up and even get the lean, toned upper body you were looking for! 

And I didn't just want to tell you what to do and when to do it, I also wanted you to understand WHY certain things worked and how you could adjust things to meet your needs!

Need to modify around injury or based on your current fitness level? I explain how to modify moves.

Want to achieve that first full pull up or push up? I provide not only workouts but also all of the tips to help you dial in your training!

Not sure how often to train or what moves to include for your needs? I break down the function of the main muscles of your upper body and explain what types of moves are key!

So how can a program do all of this? How can I provide you with that many workouts and help you meet your specific needs while also teaching you how to design upper body training routines that WORK?
By creating the Arm Burner CARDS!

This is not your normal e-book or 6 week program.

This is PHYSICAL CARDS you can take with you anywhere that easily fit in your purse, suitcase or gym bag!

These cards provide you with over 700 unique workout designs you can create based on your specific needs.

Remember the 4 parts of a perfect training routine I mentioned? 

Foam Rolling, Stretching, Activation and Strengthening?
The Arm Burner cards provide you with series for each part of a proper training program so that you can combine them in a variety of ways to reach your specific goals.

To create a workout based on your specific needs, you will select one blue card (foam rolling), one pink card (stretching), one green card (activation) and, depending on your goals, one yellow card (strengthening). 

This gives you options based on what you need that progression or day. If you even can't get to the gym for your usual workout, you can easily pull together cards for something at home to keep you on track and moving forward.

And if you aren't sure where to start with creating your own workouts, I provide done-for-you options and schedules. Plus, I explain HOW you can learn to create your own so you know you're creating workouts that will work!

These Arm Burner Cards are easy to throw into your bag to take with you when you head to the gym or travel! And if you happen to leave them behind, you'll have access to the e-book to use on any device!

700 workouts at your fingertips with easy to use quick reference images right on the back of the cards in case you forget a move during your workout.

And if you're new to some of the moves, you'll also have access to a video exercise library to review form and even learn modifications.
The best part about the Arm Burner is also that it isn't only a workout program - it's truly going to educate you to help you train smarter and see BETTER, FASTER RESULTS!

I've written articles all about the upper body so that you can really understand why to do certain moves and the unique challenges we face because of our desk jobs. I provide tweaks and tips to tailor the training to your specific needs!

No two people are alike and each of our bodies responses to movements and even form tweaks will be different. You'll now be empowered to make the workouts work for YOU!
I even explain how you can get more out of your workouts to help you really focus on those problem areas. 

While we can't spot reduce in the way we often think we can, with thousands of isolation moves, we CAN dial in our workouts to help us really focus on those stubborn areas that never seem to change no matter how hard we work!
And that is also why I created a BONUS card series for you of Cardio Burners!

These quick workouts can help you increase your training frequency and even get faster results, if shedding some body fat to reveal those lean arm muscles is part of your goal!

So if you're short on time or simply want to expedite your results, you can add these Cardio Burners on to your Arm Burner Workouts or even other lower body days!

Like the Arm Burner Cards, these can be used on any device and come with quick reference images of each move on the cards as well as a video exercises library to help you with proper form.
So....are you ready to build a strong upper body that not only looks amazing, but also helps you prevent injury!?

Are you ready to have 100s of workouts that fit YOUR specific needs and goals?

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