Get Strong And Sexy Arms You'll Be Itching To Show Off!
Improve Your Pull Ups And Push Ups Too!
Look And FEEL Amazing As You Build Strength And Prevent Injury!
We spend so much time hunched over our computers, our phones or even while driving in the car.

This constant hunched posture, or forward flexion, can not only lead to neck, shoulder and upper back aches and pains, but it can hold us back from getting the results we want from our upper body workouts.

Ever wonder why you only feel your arms during rows or pull ups?

Want to do more push ups or pull ups, but feel like no matter how much you work on them you're just sort of "stuck?"

It's time to dial in your workouts to improve your shoulder, scapular and spinal mobility FIRST so you can not only PREVENT injury and aches and pains, but also get the strong, lean arms and upper body you've been striving for!
This means including in our workouts some of that mobility and activation work we like to skip in favor of the lifting we consider more "valuable."

But skipping this mobility and activation work may be what is holding us back.

We often think that to get better results we need to push harder. We need to do MORE upper body workouts. Or even lift heavier weights.

However, simply trying to do MORE strength work if the right muscles aren't working may be part of the issue and even holding us back!

If you're ready to build strength while avoiding injury, and improve those push ups and pull ups in the process, you need to take a 4 step approach to your training routine.

A 4 step process of Foam Rolling, Stretching, Activation and Strengthening!
Foam Roll, Stretch, Activate and Strengthen!
Use these 4 steps to build a sexy and strong upper body that not only looks amazing but helps you prevent injury!
Because of our modern lifestyle, we spend way too much time in flexion.

It's why we end up with neck or shoulder pain from trying to improve our pull ups or press overhead.

And all too often we IGNORE the fact that we feel these aches and pains before they become a true problem. We let them add up!

Ever feel your neck when doing a dumbbell back row? Or maybe a little shoulder twinge during a push up or pull up?
How many times have you just pushed through the "annoyance?"

All too often, right!?

We've all done this. 

The problem is, we are never then truly CORRECTING the problem and will only continue the cycle of pain and injury. 


That is why it is important we address the immobility, compensation and imbalances we have from our modern lifestyle, or even old injuries, so we can build a strong foundation and get results.

This means starting your program with FOAM ROLLING!
Foam Rolling or Self-Myofascial Release helps you relax overactive and tight muscles. 

Because we spend so much time hunched over, with our shoulders shrugged, often foam rolling our chest and upper traps as well as our lats is key to help us relax those overactive muscles and restore proper shoulder mobility.

Often, if we do even roll out, we ONLY focus on muscles where the pain is.

But we have to remember that sometimes where the pain is, isn't the problem. 
And it's also important to note that a muscle may "feel" tight and like it needs to be stretched because it is actually OVERSTRETCHED! 

Like the muscles of our upper back can feel tight because the are being overstretched due to our rounded shoulders and forward hunched posture!

That is why it is key we first roll out to relax overactive and tight muscles so we can then stretch to improve our flexibility, mobilize our joints and further work to restore muscles to their proper length-tension relationships.

If we don't first improve our mobility, our body may seek out mobility from other joints, which is why we end up with elbow pain if our wrists or shoulders aren't mobile!

So after we foam roll, we must stretch!
Stretching, and especially dynamic stretching, prior to our workouts, not only helps us relax tight muscles to improve our flexibility, but also helps us restore proper joint mobility so we can properly engage the CORRECT muscles during movements. 

If your mobility is limited, you risk compensating. 

For instance, if your shoulder mobility is limited and you can't raise your arms up toward the ceiling for an overhead press, you will arch your back instead to compensate. 

This can lead to lower back pain or even you shrugging and causing neck pain to help your body repeat the movement you are asking of it.
AKA your overhead press that is meant to work your shoulders may actually just be putting you at risk for rotator cuff or neck pain (or even lower back pain)!

So if you want to be able to lift heavier, do more pull ups, improve your push ups, or really work your upper body to build lean, strong arms, you first need to improve your flexibility and mobility so you aren't wasting those compound movements by working the wrong muscles!

Plus, a proper dynamic warm up can not only help you prevent injury, but it can help make sure your body is warm and ready to work so you can go hard from that first rep of your workout! Too often we waste half our workout "warming up!"

But it isn't enough just to start to loosen up tight muscles. We must then get the underactive muscles activated and working or we will just tighten back up and keep on overusing those smaller muscles not meant to carry the load.

That is why activation is the third part of the process!
Activation is different than strengthening. 

It is the more isolated movements you use first to really focus on those underactive muscles to establish the mind-body connection. You aren't concerned with going heavy but instead are focused on being able to FEEL the muscles working!

Activation moves are done for higher reps often with lighter loads or resistances, or even your own bodyweight, so that you can focus on that muscle contraction.

The point is to feel the right muscles working with these simple, isolated moves BEFORE your workouts so you can make sure the right muscles are working DURING your workouts.

They help you make sure that your back is helping you to perform the pull up or row, instead of your arms doing all of the work.

They help you make sure your shoulders are stable during push ups so that you don't shrug and hurt your neck.

Activation moves are often the MISSING PIECE from our workouts that help us keep that flexibility and mobility we work hard to improve with our stretching and foam rolling sessions. 
And they make sure we go into our workouts ready to get the most out of those compound moves!

By activating FIRST, you make sure the RIGHT muscles are working when you do your dumbbell rows or your bench press so that the muscles AUTOMATICALLY engage and you don't risk injury as you work hard to build a strong and sexy upper body!

So once you've done your activation, you then have to include strength training moves to build that lean muscle that looks oh so good in a tank top!
While the bulk of our strengthening routines, or strength workouts, should be made up of compound moves, even if we want to tone our arms, some isolation moves should also be included.

However, don't get caught up in trying to do only isolation moves for those "problem areas."

Compound moves are key to build functional strength, burn body fat and build muscle. Even hybrid moves, that work more muscle groups at once, can be key if you are short on time.

You want to maximize the time you have though by working as many large muscle groups at once.
Focus your strength training for your upper body on compound moves, such as rows, pull ups, push ups and overhead presses even, followed by some more isolated movements to finish out your workouts or even act sometimes as "active rest" during a circuit.

By doing this, you can get more out of less time while still having time to do the mobility and activation work that will only make your strength sessions pay off more!

This 4 step approach to training is why I created my Arm Burner Program! 

It includes all four parts in easy-to-use series you can combine based on your specific needs. And the workouts focus on compound moves to help you build functional strength and burn body fat while still including some isolation exercises to make sure you attack those stubborn areas!

So what's included with the Arm Burner Program!?
What's Included In The Arm Burner Program?
Your Guide To An Upper Body Training Program That Meets YOUR Needs!
We've all heard that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to training routines. We all have different goals and are starting at different places.

That is why it is key we know how to train to meet our specific needs!
And that is why I created the Arm Burner Program!

I wanted  to create a program that gave you over 700 workout options to meet your specific needs while also explaining the WHAT, WHY and HOW behind proper upper body training.

I didn't want just another 6 week program that after you were done you were wondering "What's next?" 

I wanted you to have something that allowed you to adjust your programming as your goals changed and you progressed. 

I wanted to provide a program that would help you avoid injury, reach goals like that first full pull up or push up and even get the lean, toned upper body you were looking for! 

And I didn't just want to tell you what to do and when to do it, I also wanted you to understand WHY certain things worked and how you could adjust things to meet your needs!

Need to modify around injury or based on your current fitness level? I explain how to modify moves.

Want to achieve that first full pull up or push up? I provide not only workouts but also all of the tips to help you dial in your training!

Not sure how often to train or what moves to include for your needs? I break down the function of the main muscles of your upper body and explain what types of moves are key!

So how can a program do all of this? How can I provide you with that many workouts and help you meet your specific needs while also teaching you how to design upper body training routines that WORK?
By creating the Arm Burner CARDS!

This is not your normal e-book or 6 week program.

This is PHYSICAL CARDS you can take with you anywhere that easily fit in your purse, suitcase or gym bag!

These cards provide you with over 700 unique workout designs you can create based on your specific needs.

Remember the 4 parts of a perfect training routine I mentioned? 

Foam Rolling, Stretching, Activation and Strengthening?
The Arm Burner cards provide you with series for each part of a proper training program so that you can combine them in a variety of ways to reach your specific goals.

To create a workout based on your specific needs, you will select one blue card (foam rolling), one pink card (stretching), one green card (activation) and, depending on your goals, one yellow card (strengthening). 

This gives you options based on what you need that progression or day. If you even can't get to the gym for your usual workout, you can easily pull together cards for something at home to keep you on track and moving forward.

And if you aren't sure where to start with creating your own workouts, I provide done-for-you options and schedules. Plus, I explain HOW you can learn to create your own so you know you're creating workouts that will work!

These Arm Burner Cards are easy to throw into your bag to take with you when you head to the gym or travel! And if you happen to leave them behind, you'll have access to the e-book to use on any device!

700 workouts at your fingertips with easy to use quick reference images right on the back of the cards in case you forget a move during your workout.

And if you're new to some of the moves, you'll also have access to a video exercise library to review form and even learn modifications.
The best part about the Arm Burner is also that it isn't only a workout program - it's truly going to educate you to help you train smarter and see BETTER, FASTER RESULTS!

I've written articles all about the upper body so that you can really understand why to do certain moves and the unique challenges we face because of our desk jobs. I provide tweaks and tips to tailor the training to your specific needs!

No two people are alike and each of our bodies responses to movements and even form tweaks will be different. You'll now be empowered to make the workouts work for YOU!
I even explain how you can get more out of your workouts to help you really focus on those problem areas. 

While we can't spot reduce in the way we often think we can, with thousands of isolation moves, we CAN dial in our workouts to help us really focus on those stubborn areas that never seem to change no matter how hard we work!
And that is also why I created a BONUS card series for you of Cardio Burners!

These quick workouts can help you increase your training frequency and even get faster results, if shedding some body fat to reveal those lean arm muscles is part of your goal!

So if you're short on time or simply want to expedite your results, you can add these Cardio Burners on to your Arm Burner Workouts or even other lower body days!

Like the Arm Burner Cards, these can be used on any device and come with quick reference images of each move on the cards as well as a video exercises library to help you with proper form.
So....are you ready to build a strong upper body that not only looks amazing, but also helps you prevent injury!?

Are you ready to have 100s of workouts that fit YOUR specific needs and goals?

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