Build Strong, Sculpted Arms and Shoulders You'll Be Dying To Show Off...
I get asked so often how I got my lean, strong arms that I thought it was time I shared my workout "secrets!"

And yes, diet is key if you want to change your body composition.

BUT that doesn't mean you can't dial in your upper body workouts to get BETTER RESULTS FASTER!

So I want to share with you my 3 Arm Burner SECRETS to help you get strong, sexy arms and shoulders you'll be dying to show off in a tank top!

I'll share my secrets to beat that "bra bulge," tone those "bat wings" and get rid of the "back fat"...or whatever other silly phrases we often use to describe that annoying upper body fat we want to get rid of! 

If you want better, and faster, results, it's time you dialed in your workout routine by starting small and finishing big, increasing your training frequency AND using a variety of training techniques to increase your training density!

And the best part?

While you're sculpting strong, sexy arms and shoulders, you'll also strengthen your back, chest and core to improve your PUSH UPS and your PULL UPS!

So if you've been dying to achieve that first full push up from your toes, or maybe that full badass pull up, these "secrets" will help!

My name is Cori Lefkowith, owner of Redefining Strength, and I'm excited to show you how you can create strong, sexy arms you'll be dying to show off...or at least flex in the mirror just so you can admire them yourself! ;-)
My 3 "Secrets" To Getting Strong, Sexy Arms And Shoulders!
#1: Start Small, Finish Big!
Often we think about including more isolated movements at the END of our workouts. 

And while a great burnout can include moves like bicep curls and tricep extensions, you also want to START your workouts with more isolated movements.

But the isolation moves you START your workout with will be focused on improving your mind-body connection!

By improving your ability to more efficiently and effectively recruit the correct muscles when you lift, you can not only help yourself AVOID INJURY, but actually improve muscle hypertrophy from your workouts aka IMPROVE YOUR MUSCLE GAINS!

This is partly because it allows you to use a muscle more effectively and efficiently and partly because it is linked with one of 3 drivers of muscle growth - metabolic stress.

So what is the mind-body connection?
Basically it is our ability to FEEL a muscle working and properly engage it when it needs to work.

Sitting where you are right now reading this, think about tensing your abs hard.

Your ability to tense that muscle HARD and quickly is a demonstration of the mind-body connection.

That may "seem" easy...

The problem is, there are a number of muscles we don't have as easy a time recruiting, especially as they have to work together with other muscles during a compound movement.

It's why you may only ever feel your biceps during back exercises. Or you may feel your neck during push ups.

Or even why, no matter how much you try to work on your back strength, you can't achieve that first full pull up.

Because our daily rounded-shoulder, hunched posture has disrupted that natural communication and proper recruitment patterns, we need to start our workouts with small, isolated activation moves!

We need to do activation moves that are more isolated movements that create a pump and really allow us to focus on the muscle working. They are often done for higher reps with lighter loads.

If we can re-establish that mind-body connection using these activation moves, we can not only avoid injury, but make sure those muscles are getting worked as they should.

We can then use a combination of heavier lifts to create muscle tissue damage AND higher volume, lower rep moves that create metabolic stress, aka that pump or BURN, to build the lean muscle we want!

We need to start small and finish BIG with those compound and hybrid movements to work more muscle groups at once and get better results in less time!

But we need to START with those small moves to improve our mind-body connection FIRST!
#2: Increase Your Training Frequency!
While more isn't always better, and you do need to have ample time to RECOVER between sessions to get the best results possible, studies have shown that actually training a muscle group 2-3 times a week can dramatically IMPROVE your results!

That is why secret number 2 is to increase your training frequency!

If you've been training your arms and upper body once a week, increase your workout frequency slowly to 2, or even 3, times a week.

However, it isn't as simple as just doing more. You do need to watch that by training more frequently you then aren't OVERDOING things.
As you increase training frequency, you need to vary HOW you are working your upper body.

Not only do you want to include a variety of moves to challenge those arms and shoulders in different ways, but you also want to use a variety of reps and set schemes as well as loads.

With secret number 1, I mentioned creating metabolic stress with more isolated movements that focused more on that mind-body connection and creating a pump. They use lighter loads and higher reps.

These moves can help you build muscle and tone up BUT they also don't create as much muscle tissue damage.

This means you aren't as sore after the workouts and can recover FASTER from those moves.

You want to pair workouts, or what I call Burners, using more activation based movements that create metabolic stress with full lifting sessions using compound and hybrid moves that WILL make you more sore and cause more muscle tissue damage.

By combining workouts using both, you can increase your training frequency, use more than one driver of muscle growth and get better results FASTER without risking overtraining and all of your hard work fighting against you!

And you can get even more out of these workouts by using a variety of different training techniques!
#3: Increase Training Density To Build Strength And Burn Fat!
If you’re looking for a quick workout that will help with muscular hypertrophy, strength endurance AND even fat loss, then you need to include a form of Density Training in your routine.

Density Training will improve your work capacity aka your body’s ability to do work and can help you build lean muscle and burn fat!

While bodybuilders traditionally used this method mainly for hypertrophy, because of the intensity and the lack of a full rest period, it can also help you improve your body composition.

By either increasing work load or decreasing duration, you can implement Density Training into your routine.
Density sets, or AMRAP Workouts, as many rounds as possible in a set time, are a great way to implement Density Training and are one of the more popular designs.

Strength Intervals are another great way, especially if fat loss is the goal.

Strength Intervals challenge you to do more reps of a move in a set interval before transitioning to the next move. So unlike the other density workouts where the number of reps for each move stay the same each round, you’re trying to do MORE reps with each interval.

So if you've been thinking you have to workout longer to see results?

You don't!

You just have to use the time you have wisely!

If you’re looking to get great results from your upper body training routine, even during those busy weeks, Density Training is a great way to do it!

Do you want workouts that implement these 3 secrets to help you get strong, sculpted arms and shoulders?!

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We've all heard that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to training routines. We all have different goals and are starting at different places.

That is why it is key we know how to train to meet our specific needs!
And that is why I created the Arm Burner Program!

I wanted  to create a program that gave you over 700 workout options to meet your specific needs while also explaining the WHAT, WHY and HOW behind proper upper body training.

I didn't want just another 6 week program that after you were done you were wondering "What's next?" 

I wanted you to have something that allowed you to adjust your programming as your goals changed and you progressed. 

I wanted to provide a program that would help you get the lean, strong arms and shoulders you've always wanted while also avoiding injury, and reaching goals like that first full pull up or push up!

And I didn't just want to tell you what to do and when to do it, I also wanted you to understand WHY certain things worked and how you could adjust things to meet your needs!

Need to modify around injury or based on your current fitness level? I explain how to modify moves.

Want to achieve that first full pull up or push up? I provide not only workouts but also all of the tips to help you dial in your training!

Not sure how often to train or what moves to include for your needs? I break down the function of the main muscles of your upper body and explain what types of moves are key!

So how can a program do all of this? How can I provide you with that many workouts and help you meet your specific needs while also teaching you how to design upper body training routines that WORK?
By creating the Arm Burner CARDS!

This is not your normal e-book or 6 week program.

This is PHYSICAL CARDS you can take with you anywhere that easily fit in your purse, suitcase or gym bag!

These cards provide you with over 700 unique workout designs you can create based on your specific needs.

And they are broken down into series you can combine in a variety of ways to reach your goals (or you can use the workouts and schedules I've created!)
The Arm Burner cards provide you with series for each part of a proper training program so that you can combine them in a variety of ways to reach your specific goals.

To create a workout based on your specific needs, you will select one blue card (foam rolling), one pink card (stretching), one green card (activation) and, depending on your goals, one yellow card (strengthening). 

This gives you options based on what you need that progression or day. If you even can't get to the gym for your usual workout, you can easily pull together cards for something at home to keep you on track and moving forward.

And if you aren't sure where to start with creating your own workouts, I provide done-for-you options and schedules. Plus, I explain HOW you can learn to create your own so you know you're creating workouts that will work!

These Arm Burner Cards are easy to throw into your bag to take with you when you head to the gym or travel! And if you happen to leave them behind, you'll have access to the e-book to use on any device!

700 workouts at your fingertips with easy to use quick reference images right on the back of the cards in case you forget a move during your workout.

And if you're new to some of the moves, you'll also have access to a video exercise library to review form and even learn modifications.
The best part about the Arm Burner is also that it isn't only a workout program - it's truly going to educate you to help you train smarter and see BETTER, FASTER RESULTS!

I've written articles all about the upper body so that you can really understand why to do certain moves and the unique challenges we face because of our desk jobs. I provide tweaks and tips to tailor the training to your specific needs!

No two people are alike and each of our bodies responses to movements and even form tweaks will be different. You'll now be empowered to make the workouts work for YOU!
I even explain how you can get more out of your workouts to help you really focus on those problem areas. 

While we can't spot reduce in the way we often think we can, with thousands of isolation moves, we CAN dial in our workouts to help us really focus on those stubborn areas that never seem to change no matter how hard we work!
And that is also why I created a BONUS card series for you of Cardio Burners!

These quick workouts can help you increase your training frequency and even get faster results, if shedding some body fat to reveal those lean arm muscles is part of your goal!

So if you're short on time or simply want to expedite your results, you can add these Cardio Burners on to your Arm Burner Workouts or even other lower body days!

Like the Arm Burner Cards, these can be used on any device and come with quick reference images of each move on the cards as well as a video exercises library to help you with proper form.
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